FEATHERZ Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers


We are planning 2022 litter(s).
Unfortunately, we have been overwhelmed with emails and my Contact page (now missing) is proving to be a problem for the ability to contact every inquiry.   Our apologies. 

Featherz Tollers will never breed a lot of puppies but if/when we do breed it is with consideration to preservation of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Breed.   We strive to and prove our dogs ability to work and therefore will breed toller puppies that we hope to excel with human contact and have the ability, as a sporting breed should, to work alongside their people.  
If you are visiting our page and are looking for a puppy that you hope to form a special bond with your family, you have researched Featherz Tollers and have (preferably) specific plans in regards to providing the ideal atmosphere or home to an NSDTR puppy , please contact email on main heading.

**Update January 09, 2022  We do not wish to miss the opportunity of a great home, but due to the number of emails we have received, we will be 'vetting' our inquiries at this time.   We will update info if we need to expand our search.
Thank you.