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Alison Strang Versatility Challenge Award 2022

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Geo was bred by Featherz Tollers and born in November 2022.   His sire is a beautiful boy named "Gunner", son of "Colt", a talented and handsome toller owned by a friend.   Gunner was a great genetic match for Aoife's litter.

Geo has very nice bone, nice head and topline.   This puppy had the shorter leg, heavier bone of the bunch and was therefore chosen to stay at Featherz.   Clear genetics from parents - even the most recent 2022 tests - and conforming to the 'sturdy' wording from our NSDTR conformation standard.

Geo is a lot of fun, we are training for Obedience, Rally and Conformation at this time with a bit of retriever basics during this snowy winter.   

Geo received his first Trick Dog (basic obedience) Title at just 3 1/2 months of age with no luring and even an Advanced Trick thrown in!



Tweed arrived in January 2020 and came from Laura White in Texas.  Mark and I enjoyed our trip south to meet Laura and her dogs.

Tweed is currently a nice-sized boy, about 19 3/4 inches with lots of bone, nice head and topline.   

Tweed loves his ducks and has attained his SH and WCX, we will continue to work on Master Hunt concepts in hopes of MH title some day!

Mark and Tweed have also competed in Obedience and Tweed earned his CD in May 2022.   Almost ready for CDX.

Tweed has received his Master Novice Trick Dog and completed his Rally Excellent titles.  He also received his CGN in June 2022 which qualified him for his Versatility Excellent Title.

Tweed has seven of the ten required points towards his Championship but will not be shown any longer.   I will take the blame for being late by a minute to the ring that may have been the final 3 pt win required (he beat the other dogs & Aoife on two of three days).

Sadly, Tweed will not be used in our breeding program.   He received a Thyroid evaluation that suggests he may have immune-related problems in future and sedation for xrays during covid triggered some behavioral issues, possibly related to immune issues.   We love him very much and will continue to give him the best life possible but we must continue to preserve the breed for structure, work, health and temperament.