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OTCh Ch Tollwest Ride The Wave JH WCX RAE

Deceased at 13 years and 8 months.   July 24/2016 

Rogan was a by-your-feet, calm, sweet dog at home but a driven dog in the field.  His eagerness showed through his eyes and his smile.   We were blessed to have Rogan as our first toller and my first dog.  He truly exceeded expectations in everything he accomplished.   Rogan was loved by children at our lake as they would vie for the opportunity to be on the end of his leash and clamour to line up on the dock to take turns throwing bumpers for him.  Rogan always accepted new dogs into the family, whether it was on a long-term or short-term basis and in his old age still enjoyed playing with puppies.  Rogan had an amazing natural tolling behaviour and we witnessed ducks swimming in much closer to shore to watch him ‘work’.  Toss him his favourite rubber stick and tell him to dig?  Well, he would be off entertaining himself, spectators and the ducks hours!

Rogan received his OTCh at five years of age, coming so close to a Master/Excellent Obedience Title.  But when it was time to move on, we left the obedience ring behind.  We were encouraged by a judge to put Rogan in the conformation ring.  The following month we entered our first show and Rogan garnered nine points his first three-show weekend amidst a large entry, with Best of Breed wins and easily finished his show championship at his next outing!   We decided to try some field work to experience more versatility in venues and because it looked like fun for the dogs.  Field became Rogan’s love.   He completed his WCX title and was able to compete at the Senior Hunt level, he loved every minute and although over ten years of age he flew as fast as could on land or through the water!

Rogan qualified for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada (NSDTRCC) Dobirstein Award for versatility.  He was the recipient of the first Shilo (Veteran’s Field) Award and trophy at the National Specialty in 2011, qualifying for his WCI at over eight years of age.   In the Rally-Obedience ring, he became the second toller in Canada to qualify for the Rally Advanced Excellent Title.   He was #2 and #4 Obedience Toller in Canada in multiple years. 

I am looking forward to what Rogan can offer my future breeding program.  He is exactly what I wish to produce in toller temperament and working ability.  I look forward to the possibility of what structural improvements I may be able to make with the use of such a special dog, because as hard as it is for me to believe – nothing is perfect, so they say…

Rogan has been collected and is available on very limited basis to approved females.



OTChX Ch Tollwest Sand Storm JH WCI RA

Finn left us in February 2018 at the age of  13 years 9 months.   We miss him every day!

Finn was our second toller and was a wonderful addition to the family and quickly joined the obedience circuit with Rogan.   He attained his obedience titles very quickly, not always with perfection but would consistently do the work in the ring.  His OTCh was obtained when he was three and a half years old and within a year had obtained his OTChX, finishing his career with eight elusive doubles, but not so many Master points.  He warmed up to the field and in his retirement was a crazy field dog.  Finn also obtained his Conformation Championship in fairly short order, coming in second to Rogan many times but once Rogan was out of the way, it only took a few more outings.  Finn is an NSDTRCC Dobirstein Recipient and was runner-up to his brother for the Shilo Award (veteran field) at the National Specialty in 2011. 



HIT mBAIS BAISS(N) Ch(Alt) OTCh Kasomor's New Monster Shoes SH WCX RE RATN RNMCL

Sully is a happy-go-lucky dog, sure to let you know when he should be out doing something!  He had early success in obedience and rally-obedience, finishing his Obedience Trial Championship when he was just over three years of age and my first High In Trial Toller (HIT).  Sully titled in CARO Rally with a Magna Cum Laude with average of 90%.   He has received titles in the field - WCX in 2014 and was my first toller to receive a Senior Hunt Title in 2015.  Sully also sniffed out the rats and received a Barn Hunt Novice title in early 2018.   Shelly took Sully to conformation classes to help recovery of a groin injury and getting him to balance his weight onto all four after recovery.   So we decided to enter some Altered Classes in the conformation ring.   At the National Specialty in Vancouver 2015, Sully took the large rosette for Best in Field Class and also the Best Altered in Specialty Show and recipient of the Rosewood Challenge Cup!   He was the first toller in Canada to receive a CKC Altered Championship (CKC recognized title in 2015) which he finished with three consecutive Best Altered In Show (BAIS), sweeping the Altered Show Ring for the weekend!   Hopefully when paperwork is received our national club will recognize him with a versatility award.  Sully is a loved addition to our family and loved by all he meets and greets!  He truly believes the world is his family.  He was my first Senior Hunt titled dog and my first dog to achieve a High In Trial in Obedience!  Sully enjoys duck hunting and loves hunting grouse!