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Welcome to our page where we can share with you our love of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

We purchased our first toller in early 2003 and were blessed with beauty and brains, as well as a truly wonderful companion!  Rogan was a perfect fit. 

As a breeder we strive to PRESERVE the NSDT RETRIEVER BREED by - Maintaining proper structure for the breed / Up-dated genetic testing for health concerns in the breed and in dogs / Keep the working & hunting attributes of the breed while maintaining the playful nature of a companion dog through a selective breeding program.   We spend the majority of our time enjoying AND proving the ability of our dogs to work alongside a human and this attribute is of the utmost importance.   We will not be breeding quantity but our intent is to occasionally breed quality according to the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada's Breed Standard and an all-round companion dog.

It is our opinion that this breed is best-suited to a family that has an active lifestyle.  We recognize that active lifestyles vary, from a love for waterfowl hunting or a more leisurely lifestyle of nature hikes or long walks.   Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers make great companions for people or families that want to share their lives with a dog that likes to keep busy!